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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Wall Plates

Next up for the wiring improvements: wall plates. At the moment, I have the following wires all coming into the equipment area:
5x Bose jewel cube speaker wires (see earlier post)
5x 14 gauge speaker wire
1x 3-RCA Component Video + 2-RCA Analog Audio
1x S-Video

I would like to add an additional set of wires, assuming I can open up some walls and run them:
1x Cat-5 Ethernet
2x 14 gauge speaker wire
1x 3-RCA Component Video
1x 2-RCA Analog Audio
1x S-Video

Currently, all this stuff basically just comes out of 2 separates holes in the shelving unit, and some of the wires don't quite reach all the way to where I want to put my equipment. On top of that, some of the cables (the video ones, primarily) have about 10-15 feet of extra slack that I'd really like to get rid of, or at least organize better. Wall plates seem like the way to go.

Found the following at RAM Electronics:
Standard wall plate units:
HDMI @ $39.15 (WTF?!)
Component Video @ $7.28
S-Video + Analog Audio @ $17.95
4-pair 5-way binding posts @ $19.35
2-pair 5-way binding posts @ 9.90
3-gang wall plate @ 2.25
2-gang wall plate @ 2.00
1-gang wall plate @ 1.00
Keystone modular units:
RCA jack @ 3.15
S-Video jack @ 3.90 or 8.10 - not sure what the difference between them is.
Cat-5 Ethernet jack @ 7.65
1-, 2-, 3, 4-, and 6-port wall plates @ 2.10
1-, 2-, and 3- port wall plate inserts @ 1.00, 1.10, and 1.20, respectively.

Clearly, the Keystone Modular stuff is more expensive, but I don't think I've got a choice for the Cat-5, at least at Ram Electronics.

On the speaker front, there's also this 5-pair binding post plate for 17.49, though I'm not familiar with the store/manufacturer.

Not seeing too much else that's reasonably priced...


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